Dead Broke Barons

Hometown: Bowling Green, KY
Genre: Bluegrass, Blues, Easy Listening, Folk, Jazz, Newgrass, Singer / Songwriter, Vocal
Label: Darius Barati
Reach: internatonal
Status: active Years Active: 2013 - Present

Current Members

Shane Johnson
Seth Pedigo
Hunter Colson


Created in the creeks of Franklin, Ky. Molded by the tobacco farms, the cheese and mushrooms from the goat poop near Amish country. As you cross Drakes Creek, you may hear the strings tell a story of the Dust Bowl in the Dirty 30s. You may hear a true story of a tyrant king that leads to a bluegrass song that sheds light or blood on a hanging that happened in South Central Kentucky. Every song providing a life lesson while at the same time providing a joyous desire to tap thy foot. Welcome to a grassy grass land; FunkGrass! Be vertical around or in front of the triangle the Dead Broke Barons form. Don’t call it folk, and if you must, because of a banjo and a mandolin, call it folk FUNK.